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Melitta Thorn

An Evidential Medium


I believe in God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Angels, Spirit Guides, and all the good there is.  I feel guided to provide a service to Spirit and you.  My teachers and mentors are Andy Byng, Janet Nohavec, John Holland, and several others. To connect with the divine God source is an incredible experience and I am humbled and in awe every time there is a connection and loved ones are brought together.  I am only the instrument and I am here to serve.

I was born in Austria and speak fluent German.

When I do readings for people overseas, I use WhatsApp.

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My Services

Mediumship Readings, Tarot, Coaching / Mentoring Sessions, Workshops, and Speaking Engagements

As an Evidential Medium, I am pleased to share my gift with all of my clients.

Peaceful Candle and Flowers

Readings via Audio   

Mediumship Readings and Angel Cards or Mediumship Cards via Audio

Psychic Tarot Readings

Past, Present, and Future Possibilities

via Zoom

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Coaching / Mentoring Sessions for Budding Mediums via Zoom

Private Group Readings at your home min.  4 - 10 people

In-Person Psychic / Mediumship

First Intermediate/
Advanced Workshop
Huntsville, AL          

It is recommended to have
taken the Basic Workshop first
unless you are
a Medium in training


I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services received. 
Part of the proceeds are used to feed the Hungry! 🙏

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All the world’s in vibration, 
One big pushing mass.
This you’ll see quite clearly
When from your body you pass.
All things are connected,
Intimately intertwined 
By a web of pure love
Which is sewn by the mind.
Once thus linked, always there.
You can access it at will. 
This is why those who’ve passed
Are there with you still.

The Council of Poets


Kathy, Huntsville, AL

My husband passed January 25, 2010.  We were soul mates for seven years.  I always felt that he was close by, but could never communicate with him...until Melitta.  It was as if he was sitting right next to me.  The evidence that came through, there was no way Melitta could have known.  There were certain words and nick names that only my husband used.  I had no doubt that this came from him.  I have had several readings with her now and each one was very healing.

What an incredible experience! My very first reading. I've always been a little apprehensive about fortune tellers, psychic, palm readers, etc., but I felt comfortable with Melitta.  Her reading about my family was amazing!! For her to tell me information about my parents was unbelievable and I finally have closure about my beloved pet, Timon.  Melitta thank you so much for your gift of healing the mind and soul. .....this is definitely your calling!

V. King, Huntsville, AL

Melitta's talent is evolving in amazing ways.  Ten minutes before my scheduled appointment to meet with her by phone I was in the midst of a serious plumbing problem.  The first thing Melitta said after our "hellos" was "I have a sense that you are having a plumbing problem." That was a show stopper! From there she brought forth a series of individuals, some of whom I could vaguely relate to and, in retrospect, I think I see a clearer connection, and others I couldn't recognize.  But for someone who is at the beginning stages she is very impressive! I will certainly stay in touch with her and watch her talent grow!

Rachel, Boston, MA

I lost my only brother in 2010 and have had an extremely hard time accepting his passing.  Melitta's reading brought me much comfort and peace of mind.  She is truly amazing!

Doretta, SE Alabama

When Melitta did my reading, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. But as we talked she was in touch with people from my past whom I had almost forgotten about. I was quite surprised with all who came through.  It was very relaxing and left me feeling at peace.  I know that I am never truly alone in this world.  She verified some things that I had been sensing.  Melitta has enlightened me to explore my own spiritualism further.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a reading.

Leslie, Huntsville, AL

Elisabeth, Villach, Austria

Becky Borchardt, Kansas City, MO

Love, excitement, and JOY! When I contacted Melitta she immeditaely said to only give her my first name because she didn't want to know anything about me before the reading.  I had never had a reading when I contacted Melitta. I wasn't sure what to expect and was nervous.  Melitta helped calm my nerves and explained how everything would work.  Once the reading started she immediately picked up on a loved one who had passed.  She was able to give me evidential information about my grandpa that only my immediate family would know. As a nice surprise my grandma came through too.  She said, "there is a tiny grandmotherly figure with short curly hair and she has confetti all around her." My grandma was 4'6" and indeed had very short and curly hair.  She would get so excited and literally clap and explode with happiness when she saw her family "confetti all around her." Melitta also gave evidence that only my family would know about my grandma. I look forward to my next reading with Melitta and recommend using her to contact loved ones who have passed on. Thank you Melitta!

The reading with Melitta was very emotional but in a positive way.  It is so comforting to know that my loved ones are in a good place and will always be by my side.